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New character bios are added periodically. The following list is not a comprehensive list of all characters.

AkiAki   Akira HonjoujiAkira   AlpinaAlpina   AokiAoki   CarreraCarrera
Contestant #3Contestant #3   Etsuko OomiyaEtsuko   FatherFather   HarukaHaruka   IrearIrear
KarinKarin   KateKate   KazuyoKazuyo   Kirara HoshinoKirara   LeezaLeeza
Lilia MilcraveLilia   Makoto TakanamiMakoto   MercedesMercedes   MiyabiMiyabi   MutsumiMutsumi
NamiNami   NarshaNarsha   Natsuki OkadaNatsuki   Raika GraceRaika   RattyRatty
Reiko HagawaReiko   RumiRumi   Rumi's FriendRumi's Friend   SakiSaki (Rise)   Sayuri YoshidaSayuri
Seera MaclegSeera   SilvierSilvier   TakakoTakako   TommyTommy   ToshiyukiToshiyuki
XX   X's ButlerX's Butler   YouYou (Animahjong)   YumikaYumika   YuriaYuria
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