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Strange events seem to be the norm around family restaurant Anne Mitter's, as the waitresses are abducted to become sex slaves and baby factories for alien races. However, these aliens never seem to count on the resourceful Akira and her championship-caliber fighting skills which see the girls through trials of both pain and passion.





Anne Mitter's Employees

Akira HonjoujiAkira   KarinKarin   SakiSaki   Makoto TakanamiMakoto   AokiAoki
KazuhiroKazuhiro   Katsumi AyasakiAya   Waitress AWaitress A   Waitress BWaitress B    

The Underground Race

SeedSeed   Subordinate ASubordinate A   Subordinate BSubordinate B   KieseKiese    

The Aquatic Race

IrearIrear   Maid AMaid A   Maid BMaid B   Aquarian AAquarian A   Aquarian BAquarian B
Aquarian CAquarian C   Aquarian DAquarian D            


TarmaTarma   HrmoniHrmoni   NarshaNarsha   Snake WomanSnake Woman   Buffalo WomanBuffalo Woman
Crab WomanCrab Woman   Cat GirlCat Girl            


RefereeReferee   AnnouncerAnnouncer   Captive GirlCaptive Girl   Makoto's CustomerMakoto's Customer   Arcade GirlArcade Girl
Athletic TrainerAthletic Trainer   BeauticianBeautician   Hello WorkerHello Worker   LibrarianLibrarian   MolesterMolester
Tentacle PlantTentacle Plant                
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