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Final book of five fan created doujinshi, including fifteen stories and four full-color illustrations. This particular V series book is dedicated solely to characters and plots involved in the game VIPER-GTB.


Publisher: Compass
Release Date: December 20, 1999
ISBN: 4-87763-049-X
Original Price: 1020円
Size: A5
Pages: 180
  VIPER V-5 : Cover



1   Ultimate Female Sumo Catfight!!     (究極 女相撲巴戦!!)Pages 5 - 16
Artist:Sanjuurou Yumisaki   (夢咲三十郎)
Synopsis:Irear and Saki take turns tormenting a female Tarma to prove which queen is better in bed.
2   Dream TimePages 17 - 32
Artist:Matsuri Atono   (後野まつり)
Synopsis:Irear and Kiese show up with their new baby and tell a story about how Saki doesn't think her son is old enough to be a father. Akira and Karin help him to become a man.
3   Don't Finish with a Bad End!     (BAD ENDじゃ 終わらない!)Pages 33 - 48
Artist:Hikaru Sakuya   (咲耶 洸)
Synopsis:Akira is captured by Narsha and genetically crossed with a lecherous man's DNA. Her newfound strength allows her to both escape and save Kiese, but her increased libido cuases problems for all the other women in the story.
4   Deep Throat     (ディープスロート)Pages 49 - 56
Artist:Enraku Shouryuutei   (昇龍亭圓楽)
Synopsis:Makoto gets to choose her own prize for winning the match against Akira, and chooses sex with her opponent.
5   Dress Rehearsal     (予行練習)Pages 57 - 68
Artist:Madara   (まだら)
Synopsis:Irear's maids practice for their starring role.
6   Soldier's Sigh     (戦士のため息)Pages 69 - 76
Artist:Atsushi Tachibana   (橘 敦司)
Synopsis:After Akira remarks on the lack of romannce in her life, Karin offers to help.
7   Direct Hit! Underground Fist     (直撃!地底拳)Pages 77 - 92
Artist:Ryouichi Sarashina   (更科了一)
Synopsis:Akira fights the champion of the underground race as Makoto calls the match.
8   Butt-loving Man     (尻好きでいた男)Pages 93 - 100
Artist:Hiroyoshi Kira   (吉良広義)
Synopsis:Through trial and error, Irear finally discovers how to bring Seed to orgasm.
9   Sucked and Rubbed's Hot Spring Trip     (吸った揉んだの温泉旅行)Pages 101 - 112
Artist:Eiji Mokura   (もくらえいじ)
Synopsis:Akira, Karin, Saki, and young Kiese travel to a hot spring, where Narsha abducts them and performs her usual experiments. Karin takes a liking to Akira while Narsha forces Kiese to be with his mother.
10   Tender Kiese     (テンダー・キース)Pages 113 - 124
Artist:Mamoru Hayakawa   (早川 守)
Synopsis:Playboy Kiese spends his days serving the other women in his life: Narsha, Akira, and Karin. Wife Irear is not at all pleased by his behavior.
11   Aquatic Race Again     (水棲人たち再び)Pages 125 - 138
Artist:Katsuya Nakajima   (中島克揶)
Synopsis:Irear's maids are looking to broaden their horizons, and with Akira's help, a job at Anne Mitter's might be just what they need. It doesn't sit too well with everyone else though.
12   Makoto's Feelings     (マコトノキモチ)Pages 139 - 146
Artist:Hiyohiyo   (ひよひよ)
Synopsis:After knocking out Akira, Makoto decides its time for some special training.
13   Three Year Old's Soul: Until 100     (三つ子の魂 百まで)Pages 147 - 158
Artist:Nemuto Kokage   (こかげ眠人)
Synopsis:Kiese continues to annoy Irear by his playboy attitude. Saki denies it, so Irear has Narsha abduct her to prove the point.
14   Of OutPages 159 - 166
Synopsis:During her captivity by the aliens, Akira masterbates during the night. Tarma arrives just at Akira's most desperate time.
15   ENEMY-GTB     (エネミーGTB)Pages 167 - 178
Artist:Makoto Asahina   (朝比奈まこと)
Synopsis:Makoto prevents Akira from saving Karin from a molester.
Additional Illustrations
Cover:Awaji Sugawara   (すがわらあわじ)
Page 1:Akira Takashi   (たかしあきら)
Page 2:Sou Anmitsu   (あんみつ草)
Page 3:Hikaru Sakuya   (咲耶 洸)
Page 4:Haruya Kotomi   (琴美陽也)
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