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Forum Email Change
« on: October 23, 2022, 11:43:00 am »
I have finally been able to implement a new email provider for the forum, following testing with providers and some Simple Machines Forum code hacks.

Gmail discontinued support for SMTP back in May, and at that point all outbound emails from the forum, both for new user registration and for private message notifications ceased. I had to find both a new provider (Yahoo was attempted but fails to support SMTP for new accounts) and hack the code to support STARTTLS email authentication which all of them now use. Sorry this took so long.

All email from the forum will now be sent from Please ensure this account is not blocked by your email provider's spam filters. It seems to be blocking some people and not others. The account is still valid and will continue to be used (and preferred) for non-forum emails, such as For Sale Page interactions and general email contact.

If you have attempted to register in the last few months and never got your registration authorization email, you may either try again or email me at either of the above two addresses and I will complete registration on your account.