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The sequel to the short VIPER-V10 story, Northern Lights, subtitled Asuka. The budding romance between Asuka and Captain is put to the test when Captain's sultry cousin Miki moves in with him. Captain's focus wavers - he is first stripped of his standing in the bushido guild and then takes Asuka's feelings toward him for granted. With everything falling apart around him, Captain must summon the courage to fight for what he wants, or lose them both.

The game package for the PC98 version was available as either forty 3½" installation diskettes or a single CD-ROM. The later Windows version was only made available in CD form. The PC98 version included an Asuka mouse pad, an advertisement for VIPER Series Official Art Book II, registration card, a copy of Sogna Information Vol. 3, and the 1997 calendar. The Windows version included an advertisement for VIPER Series Official Art Book IV, registration card, and Sogna Official Trading Cards 88, 89, and 90.

This is the third game in the "T" series, preceded by VIPER-GTS and VIPER-BTR and followed by VIPER-GTB. This was also Sogna's first 256 color game; previous games had used a palette of only 16 colors.


Platform: PC9821 PC9801ES
Release Date: January 24, 1997 January 24, 1997
Media: CD-ROM 3½" Diskette (40)
JAN Code: 4937101913143 4937101933141
Original Price: 8800円 8800円

Platform: Windows
Release Date: September 25, 1998
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213090
Original Price: 8800円
  VIPER-CTR : Package art (PC98 version)

Package art (PC98 version)

VIPER-CTR : Package art (Windows version)

Package art (Windows version)


Northern LightsNorthern Lights                

Other Versions / Repackaged Products

VIPER Classic Collection: VIPER-CTR

Repackaged Windows edition with B4 sized poster of the cover artwork with game instructions on the reverse side and two illustrated postcards.

Platform: Windows
Release Date: December 20, 2002
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213519
Original Price: 3800円
  VIPER Classic Collection: VIPER-CTR

VIPER Collection Box Vol. 2

Boxed set of the Classic Collection editions of VIPER-CTR, VIPER-F40, VIPER-M1, VIPER-F50, VIPER-GTB and VIPER-M5 with six telecas representing each of the first edition box covers.

Platform: Windows
Release Date: December 20, 2002
Media: CD-ROM (7)
JAN Code: 4937101213571
Original Price: 32800円
  VIPER Collection Box Vol. 2
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