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Animahjong X

The sequel to Animahjong V3. When the events of this game occur the playable protagonist in the first game is now close friends with the three mahjong playing sisters and has even begun dating the eldest, Yumika.

In this story, Rumi is kidnapped while walking home from school one day and the player must search for the clues that will reunite the family. Playing the role of the male protagonist or either of Rumi's older sisters, Yumika and Miyabi, you compete against several female mahjong players who have information on Rumi's whereabouts. As they get closer to finding Rumi, Yumika grows increasingly suspicious...

Game package includes twenty page instruction manual, registration card, fourteen diskettes, and an early Sogna/Silence promotional flyer.


Platform: PC9801VX PC9801UX
Release Date: September 14, 1994 September 14, 1994
Media: 5" Diskette (14) 3½" Diskette (14)
JAN Code: 4937101953040 4937101933042
Original Price: 9800円 9800円
  Animahjong X : Package art

Package art



Other Versions / Repackaged Products

Animahjong X (X68000)

Never released X68000 version. Referenced on an Animahjong X advertisement as one of the release versions. Sogna instead cancelled this version in mid-1994, likely at the same time the X68000 version of VIPER-V10 was cancelled.

Platform: X68000
Media: 5" Diskette
  Animahjong X (X68000)

Animahjong X Perfect File

An upgrade set for the original version, adding replay and music room options and four player capability. Game package includes four diskttes, twelve page instruction manual, registration card, and the same Sogna/Silence promotional flyer.

Platform: PC9801VX PC9801UX
Release Date: December 9, 1994 December 9, 1994
Media: 5" Diskette (4) 3½" Diskette (4)
JAN Code: 4937101953064 4937101933066
Original Price: 4800円 4800円
  Animahjong X Perfect File
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