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Animahjong V3

Having no sons of his own, an aging mahjong expert believes he has found a successor in a young man who shows great skill and promise. To ensure a male heir, he offers the choice of his three daughters to the protagonist. The sisters, Rumi, Miyabi, and Yumika, disagree with this arrangement, having never met the man their father has chosen for them. The old man suggests that, in order to get to know each other, the player face his daughters one after another in a game of strip mahjong then make his pick. The girls, each a skillful mahjong player, are confident they will win and embarrass the protagonist so much he will not choose them. Or so they think.

This was Sogna's first game with true character animation, captured in the opponents' undressing scenes. Because this game was released before the VIPER series, there is some speculation that the "V3" portion of the title suggests that the three girls are virgins, but this is unfounded: the game gives no evidence either for or against this conclusion.

The protagonist, all three girls and their father return in the sequel, Animahjong X.

Game package includes sixteen page instruction manual, registration card, and five diskettes: system and program disks and one each for the three girls. The X68000 version combines the system and program disk into one.


Platform: PC9801VX PC9801UX
Release Date: February 26, 1993 February 26, 1993
Media: 5" Diskette (5) 3½" Diskette (5)
JAN Code: 4937101952203 4937101932205
Original Price: 8800円 8800円

Platform: X68000
Release Date: July 30, 1993
Media: 5" Diskette (4)
JAN Code: 4937101654022
Original Price: 8800円
  Animahjong V3 : Package art

Package art



Other Versions / Repackaged Products

Animahjong V3 Backup Kit

Single diskette providing a game save backup utility. So far only the PC98 diskettes have been confirmed to exist but there may have been an X68000 version as well.

Platform: PC9801VX PC9801UX
Release Date: 1993 1993
Media: 5" Diskette 3½" Diskette
Original Price: (Help Fill in Missing Information) (Help Fill in Missing Information)
  Animahjong V3 Backup Kit
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